Friday, December 03, 2010

The Warrior's Way

Okay, this is one my wife won't go see, but my kid and I are gonna occupy two of the seats this weekend.  Cowboys and ninjas?  How can you pass up something like that?

Chandler has always avoided the violent video games and movies, and I've been fine with that.  I believe kids are often better moral compasses for themselves than adults.  It's out job to keep them between the ditches, but they decide when they're ready for different aspects of adulthood.  So I've never forced him to watch violent movies or play violent games.  On the other hand, I don't steer him away from them as long as there's an underlying good versus evil storyline and he uses his powers for good.

I still believe in heroes, and some of them just kick butt.

Geoffrey Rush is in this one too.  He seems to be capturing a lot of screen time at the moment with a few movies coming out.  This role has pulp roots, just like his Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean.  The movie may be historically wrong and way over the top, but I'm rooting for it.

And again, there is an underlying theme of honor in this film.  Even cheesy honor is worth something.  My son will grow up believing in heroes too -- they'll just have incredibly sword skills and be able to leap through the air.


JoeGKushner said...

I enjoyed the heck out of this movie. If you like East versus West, make sure to check out Sukiyaki Western Django.

Mel Odom said...

Hey Joe,

Thanks for the tip. I'll look for it. Haven't heard of it.