Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zombie Plan of Action

My thirteen year old constantly amazes me.  Of all my children, he's the one that looks at the world most like me. Which is to say, with equal parts curiosity, paranoia, and a willingness to believe almost anything.  I picked him up from school yesterday and he couldn't wait to tell me about the plan he and some of his buddies designed to deal with a potential zombie apocalypse.

To begin with, most parents don't have kids to look at zombie apocalypses realistically.  I choose to believe I'm blessed with my son's imagination.  His mother says she is going to get back with me on that.

As I drive out of the parking lot, Chandler details what he and his friends will do.  He and one his buddies are responsible for weapons.  Both of them already have swords, and Chandler pointed out that having a sword is important because you don't have to reload a sword.  (See?  He does think like me!) The other boy's father also makes armor for medieval fairs and the like.  The third boy will handle communications.

When the apocalypse breaks out, Chandler and his friends will meet up at the Golden China restaurant, although Chandler isn't exactly sure where that is.  He's going to find out.  After that, they will fight their way to Wal-Mart, grab all the guns in the sporting goods section, and find the closest two story building they can.  They will board up all the windows of the lower floor and take up positions.

One further detail totally cracked me up.  None of the boys know where any of the others lives.  They're going to keep it that way.  That way if one of them gets turned into a zombie, they won't show up at one of their friend's house ready to chow on brains.

That actually makes sense to me.  One thing I have decided, if a zombie apocalypses ever does happen, I want Chandler at my side.

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