Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Freezing Fog?

This was the view on my street this morning at 7 a.m.  The OKC area was blanketed by FREEZING FOG, which I'd never heard of.

Sherry's eye was bothering her this morning, and since it IS Valentine's Day, I got drafted for the McDonald's run for breakfast.  It looked even more grim out on the streets.

I think a super-villain equipped with a freeze ray could bring Oklahoma to its knees.

And we looked at this poor car for a long time on Channel 9 News.


Caine said...

I'm surprised there aren't more comments here. I thought for sure there'd be a bunch of "We get freezing fog all the time" comments.


Well, we DO get freezing fog a couple times a year most years around the Vancouver WA area (near Portland OR). It's freaky your first time.

Hope all is well.

Mel Odom said...

Just saw your artwork and your interest in comics. Why are we not working on something together? :)