Saturday, February 04, 2012

My Dad

This is from 1967, back when stations in Oklahoma City were prime targets for armed robbers.  Daddy used to sleep on the rooftop over the station with a loaded shotgun beside him.  I remember one night when one of the station hands almost got robbed by a guy with a gun in his hand.  He ducked behind a gas pump and hollered for Daddy.  Daddy woke up, rolled over, and shot out the back glass of the car.  The police had no problem finding the guys.

We lived in a small trailer house out behind the station.  Momma was even in the station when a guy came in to rob them with a knife.  Daddy took his pistol out of his pocket and told him to sit down.  He did, and the police came along pretty quickly.

During the time we lived there, Daddy got shot at, shot at people, and held would-be robbers for the police on several occasions over the years.  Looking back, it seems he was always at his best in the middle of trouble.  A calm lifestyle just didn't suit him.  He served in the Navy during the Korean War.

This is from the Daily Oklahoman in 1967.  I remember taking the news piece to Show 'N Tell at school.  Nobody else had one like it.  :)

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Bill Crider said...

Great stuff, Mel!