Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jongor of Lost Land

I'm really looking forward to John Carter in movie theaters next month.  In the 1960s I grew up on Tarzan movies and the original Edgar Rice Burroughs books. I loved jungle adventures. Couldn't get enough of them.

In 1970, I was 12 and I discovered the Jongor books. I thought they were new. I didn't realize at the time that they had been printed first decades ago.

There was something about John Gordon (Jongor) and his mighty black bow and black arrows fighting dinosaurs that was just amazing. Of course, I did say I was 12.

All three books have been reprinted in a single volume , and you can get them on Amazon, but so far I have not return to that bit of my childhood. The book currently is only in paperback, and it's at a good price, but I'm holding out for an ebook.

And I love these old Frank Frazetta covers.


Scott R. Schmidt said...

These are awesome, definitely going to track them down!

Mel Odom said...

They're kind of cheesy, but I think you'll have a great time with them.

Jeff said...

Interesting. I read and collected a lot of 70s paperback fantasy, but I'd never seen these before for some reason. Going to check them out now definitely.

Jack Badelaire said...

These look freakin' amazing. Diving in with a buy as soon as I hit "submit".

Mel Odom said...


They're creaky, but they're fun.