Friday, August 18, 2006

Fall Baseball Opening Night!

People who really know me know that I spend a lot of time with my kids every chance I get. I've coached little league baseball for 15 years now, managing to coach each one of my boys. (I was moral support for my daughter's volleyball and softball games.)

I love coaching baseball, but that's mainly because I love watching kids play. When you watch pros, you expect big plays or an absence of mistakes. But in little league, sometimes you get to watch plenty of big plays and mistakes that make the game downright unpredictable and exciting.

In the picture above, that's my son Chander (age 8) coming into homeplate. He loves making a dirt cloud. He plays first base and ended up converting two ground-outs and four assists. He also contributed pterodactyl squawks and velociraptor screeches (he's just learned how to do those, oh joy!).

I love baseball. If you have a park nearby, go. Take the kids. You can enjoy several levels of play and (if it's not a tournament) spectators are usually allowed in free. Buy a couple of hot dogs and a drink and you escape gate fees and overpriced concession stand prices. It's entertainment for the whole family.

Who knows? You might just find a team to back for the whole season!

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Katie said...

I do love to watch the kids play. I can't wait for my friends five year old to start fall t-ball. It's something that I'm really looking foward to. They really make it worth it, coming out in the heat and dealing with some of the crazy parents.