Sunday, August 13, 2006


I watched the movie with Sherry tonight and we both enjoyed it. The pacing is a little slow, though you don't really notice that because the scenes are short and the story weaves through the viewpoint of three main characters. There also wasn't as much explosive action as I'd thought there might be given the trailers I'd seen. (Lots of guns and smoke grenades had been flashed!)

However, INSIDE MAN satisfies the puzzle solver in me. Sherry and I enjoy watching movies and trying to see which one of us will come up with the answer first. She's clever, so I have to really be on my toes. However, my knowledge of history put me in the lead early on this one.

Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, and Christopher Plummer really do their roles justice in this one. What looks like a botched bank robbery actually turns out to be a very twisted caper that I found enjoyable and easy to sink into.

However, there were several plot holes that the writer in me screamed to have filled or dealt with. That's the beauty of film, though. Viewers in theaters can't just stop the film and point out the failings the way readers can with books.

The language earns the film its rating, not the violence, which is kept at a surprising minimum. This one's all about suspense and plot convolutions as the characters try to get the upper hand on the situation -- and each other.

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Katie said...

I finally saw this last night. It was good, I enjoyed it but you were right about the holes in the plot. But that shot when denzel moves through the crowd of cops after the hostage is shot is great. just floats right through them. I love that shot.