Friday, August 25, 2006

Yep! That's My Boy!
Taught Him Everything He Knows!
(And Yes, His Mother Holds Me Accountable!)

Scooping up a grounder at first base!
Killing a run at first base!
Giving a batter grief!

And swinging for the fences.

Of course as a proud father, I'm going to show you his pictures. (And as blogger, I'm only going to show you the good ones.)

Get out to a ballpark and find a team to support! There's fresh air, and you'll appreciate your airconditioner more when you return home.

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Katie said...

t-ball starts this week for my friend and her newphew. a game every tuesday and thursday. my friend has even ordered me a t-shirt with her newphew's name and number on it. I'm good to go. can't wait to watch all that fun.