Friday, August 11, 2006

It's Superhero Time, Baby!

Chandler and I watched the first Ultimate Avengers movie earlier this year and enjoyed it quite a lot. So we were definitely excited when we found out there was a second one in the works. Not only that, but the Black Panther was going to co-star in this one as well. Way cool!

The DVD came out in the stores on Tuesday. Fighting a book deadline, I didn't notice it was Tuesday till Wednesday. I picked up the movie on Wednesday. But by Wednesday, Chandler deserted me to spend the night with a friend.

I put the movie on a shelf and glowered at it. Watching it by myself just wasn't the same.

Thursday, after martial arts practice, Chandler wanted to watch the movie. Unfortunately, by that time I had to teach class. I told him he had to wait.

He glowered at the DVD.

But, after class, I went home and got greeted by one of those "Dad! You're home!" greetings they used to sell on 1950s television shows. It made me feel good.

We kicked Mom off the bigscreen and she finished watching the Yankees and White Sox battle it out on the HD TV monitor in the bedroom in total comfort.

Chandler and I sacked out in the living room, stayed up late, and rooted our heroes on one more time against alien baddies. We won. But it was close.

The movie is great for watching with your superhero-addicted kids. It's a little violent, so it may not be for the tykes. But for my 8-year-old (and his 8-year-old at heart dad), the movie really hit the spot.

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