Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Great Read!

This new book by Kelly McCullough reminded me a lot of Roger Zelazny's AMBER series. Swift and fun first-person narrative, quirky characters and immortal god types with petty behavior (although they can kill you with a frown of disapproval).

The action starts out on page one, following Ravirn's attempts (with the help of his cyber-pal Melchior, a demon laptop he's programmed) to challenge his aunt's attempt to program free will out of the world. And things get exciting and violent from there.

Mixing in Greek mythology, the inexorable power of the Fates themselves, the Furies, and other creatures that are both for and against our hero (who seems to be equal parts sorcerer and computer hacker), the book is a great tour de force that will keep nailed to the pages.

A sequel is planned for '07, and I plan on picking it up.

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Kelly McCullough said...

Glad you enjoyed it. It was a blast to write.