Friday, October 26, 2007

Caught My Interest!

Sounds like a Buffy-type series. So I had to have it. Women's paranormal romance isn't just for women any more. I find I enjoy a lot of the stories and the characters -- can be -- just as action-driven as any of the books for guys that I read.

Check them out. Let me know what you think. And if you're already reading them, tell me what you like.


Katie said...

I bought this one the other day at Wal-Mart... damn those book racks. But I haven't started it yet. But! It's short, lots of white space, I was tempted today but I think I'll have to keep it on the back burner.

Katie said...

Ok, well after reading your post I went back and picked this one up. It's great so far. Really, really good. The girl writes a graphic novel and kicks butt with a giant knife. SO cool.