Friday, October 12, 2007


I love this television show. In addition to offering fascinating crimes stories all backed through with mathematical formulas and information I had no idea even existed, they also all hinge around strong family relationships.

The centerpiece of these relationships is the father/son/son triumvirate of Judd Hirsch, Rob Morrow, and David Krumholtz. Judd Hirsh plays Alan Eppes, the father, who is a retired city engineer struggling with the loss of his wife. Morrow stars as FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Don Eppes. Krumholtz delivers an amazing portrayal of mathematical genius Charlie Eppes.

The cast that surrounds them has grown and deepened. This is the show's fourth season and is just as strong as every. Tonight's episode centered around "drifting" and illegal street racing. You can always count on traditional cops and robbers stuff with a mathematical twist, and episodes like this that jump into more cutting-edge territory.

Tonight's episode was one of the best ever, and it's introduced another character, a mechanical engineer, that I would definitely like to see more of because of the way he fits so well with the regulars.

The highlights of this series, though, are those episodes with Lou Diamond Phillips playing an FBI sniper. When the Eppes brothers team up with him, there are as many laughs as there is drama.

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