Sunday, October 14, 2007

Storm Lover!

I love storms. Wind storms. Torndoes. Rain storms. All of them.

It's probably some kind of genetic breakdown. My ancestors were probably the ones that went running out of the cave and hooted and hollered at the sky. Probably a lot of them got zapped by lightning or carried to faraway places by tornadoes.

Which is why there are so few people who share this love with me.

Storms seems to wake up something primeval in me. I never feel more alive in my life than when I'm in the middle of a storm. I'm competitive by nature, but not even a hotly contested game gets my blood up like a storm.

I can remember when I was growing up in Ada one year when tornadoes were touching down all around us. My wife and I were living in a trailer house. The wind got up so bad that we were rocking on the blocks.

She panicked and wanted to go to her parents. She refused to drive because she was shaking so bad. I get calm during storms -- except for that crazy excitement that zings through me. I was content to sit back and see what happened. In the end, she told me I was going to take her or else. So I took her.

And it was so cool! I drove through rains that were absolutely torrential. I could only see a few feet ahead of me. Thankfully no one else was on the street. Huge signs from buildings got ripped free and went spinning through the air like Frisbees. I had to dodge huge dumpsters that had become wind-powered and went sailing across the road.

I had a blast. I was totally at home in my very own Irwin Allen disaster pic. (This was YEARS before Twister came out! And that night, if there'd been any around, cows would have FLOWN, baby!)

My wife hated me. I just couldn't help myself.

But my favorite storm is the electrical storm. I can sit all night and watch the pictures scribed across the sky. It's like Momma Nature gets out her Etch-A-Sketch and gives me a private showing of her darkest dreams, then shakes up the whole world just to do it all over again. I love the flashes, the stark images, and the cannonade of thunder when it strikes so loud and so close that I feel like I'm being bombarded by some kind of sonic death ray.

Those are always good times. For me, at least.

So what face of Nature is your favorite?


Katie said...

I love the thunderstorms too. Last night before it started to rain I left my house, got in the car, and just drove until the lightning came. It was great. I love being out in that kind of weather. There is something just so powerful about it.

Meg said...

Thunderstorms, definitely. I spent all yesterday keeping an eye on the weather and hoping it would escalate into something exciting. I get so excitable during big storms!

I sleep best during storms, too. Something in that ambiance puts me under like nothing else.

Ron Simpson said...

Having been in house that was hit by lighting and having hearing loss due to it, I am not a big fan of electrical storms. I like the kinder, gentler rain storms. But blizzards are the best. when I lived in Colorado, it snowed to the point that we had to climb out my second story window to get out. Fun Stuff.
I know a guy that is high up in the Severe Storm Labs down at OU. He chases tornados. He plays "Wheel in the Sky" by Journey when he goes out.
Maybe youcan write a book with a storm chaser character.....

bill said...

just cause I am kid does not mean that I can't enjoy these storms to. My favorite would be the lighting and the Tornados, But the thing is my mom freaks out when we get a storm like this so I can't get the best of view but the window is an okay view