Monday, October 15, 2007

New Giant Dinosaur Found!

I love news like this. Just saw it and was wowed. I mean, they've found these teeny, tiny dinosaurs, and we missed a GIANT one?

They first found it in 2000 and started digging it up, and only now decided it was a giant dinosaur? I'm thinking a five-year-old with a beach shovel and a pail would've figured that out in an afternoon!

Also, I love how it's named. There are two Mapuche Indian words that mean "giant" and "chief" and it's also named after the corporation that's helping fund the excavation. If that trend continues, will dinosaur names change when there's a hostile corporate takeover? Is there a contract written somewhere that covers the licensing of the dinosaur's name so it can't just be used willy-nilly? Now I'm curious.

And if you read the article, there's a comparison of the size differential between North American dinosaurs and South American (Patagonian) dinosaurs. I have to wonder, are they trying to incite a case of dinosaur-envy?

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Ron Simpson said...

I read about this today. I wonder if we are entering an age where fossils, like ballparks, stadiums and entertainment venues, will be named after corporate sponsors.
I can see it now, The Trumpasaurus Rex or the Halliburtonicus.