Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Birthday To The King, Baby!

Today is Elvis's birthday. He would have been 73. Would have been interesting if he was still around.

He's always been a favorite of my mom's, and mine when I was growing up. I loved his movies back then, and I've got a DVD of the '68 Comeback Special he did that I take out and play every now and again.

My kids used to make fun of me for listening to his music, but when they sat down and watched that DVD, they were mesmerized.

Elvis has gotten a bad rap over the years. Everyone expected him to be perfect. I've yet to meet the person who is. He had his hang-ups and self-delusions. Most people do.

But if you've never seen '68 Comeback Special, you should. I enjoy watching someone do something they're so in love with that nothing else matters. And if you watch that performance, you'll realize there was nothing that Elvis loved more than pleasing an audience.


Jo said...

Elvis was a pretty man with a great voice. :)

(This is Jordan, by the way, using an old blogger account.)

Skeeter said...

Elvis ... lives.