Saturday, January 12, 2008

THE ROVER Is A Bestseller in Germany!

Here's the cover of my book, The Rover, as it was printed in Germany. It's become a bestseller over there. I didn't know my German was so good!

The funny thing is, a sword didn't really play into the overall story of this one at all.

And here it is as it was initially published in the US.

This is the new picture I'm using on posts. The other one has been getting picked up by other sites, and I'm tired of people telling me I don't smile enough. So here -- I'm smiling.


Aaron M. Wilson said...

Smiling is over rated. : )

Congratulations on being translated into German.

T.C. Robson said...

Congratulations on the best seller! I have a friend in Germany - I'll have to mention the book to her.

I agree with Aaron - smiling is over-rated. I never smile in my pictures. Part of it was because I had braces (never liked metal mouth).

Jdstiver said...

I prefer the 8-year-old you on a horse. And chasing snakes. And exploring holes. That's the Mel that should be on a book jacket. Yes, indeedy.

Ron Simpson said...

at least it is a picture of you and not some gay skinny guy.