Monday, January 14, 2008

Wizards of the Coast Launches New Discoveries Line!

The new books don't have anything to do with the game worlds Wizards consistly delivers. They're standalone adventures in different genres.

This is the first of many to come.


A riveting supernatural mystery like you've never read before.

The prodigal son leaves the big city to return to his dearly departed parent's house in North Carolina only to find, now that he's home, that something is trying to make damn sure he stays there--even if it means burying him out back.

In a small town with dark secrets, one man struggles to find a way out before the spirit of the town can find a way in.

Marking the debut of our brand-new imprint dedicated to showcasing the best new voices in speculative fiction, Firefly Rain is one of the most chilling, unique ghost stories ever penned. Mystery lovers will devour the clues. Fantasy readers will be sucked in by the magical atmosphere. No one will be able to put it down--until the very last twist comes to light.

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T.C. Robson said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I'll look this one up too.