Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I don't sleep the night before an early flight. Just can't do it. I'm afraid I'll oversleep and miss the plane.

So on Thursday when Shiloh and I arrived in San Diego, I was burnt. We walked around all day Thursday, then got back to the motel. With the two-hour differential and a late dinner with Nicole and Alicia from Harlequin, we were just about done in.

It was frustrating when I got back to the hotel and couldn't sleep. Shiloh passed out at once. I read for a couple hours. So I slept later than he did the next morning.

By the time I woke up, about 9 local time, Shiloh had been up for about three hours, watched Sports Center, and fallen in love with one of the local newscasters covering the Comic Con. I told him he should try to meet her. He said he'd never be able to find her.

But we went looking anyway. When we found her van, he didn't think we could bother her. I never let that stop me. I walked over and asked her if she'd take a picture with us. She agreed to immediately. I believe her name was Jessica Holmes.

At any rate, Shiloh -- who hadn't taken any pictures with the costumed superheroines thus far -- jumped the line and called dibs. He got his picture taken with her first.

Later, I found an amazing Batwoman. The convention was loaded with the good and bad girls of Gotham.

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