Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shiloh In San Diego!

One of the best things about the trip to Comic Con this year was that my son Shiloh went with me. Last year he was eighteen and convinced that he'd seen more of the world than I had. Then I brought back all those pictures of me with scantily-clad superheroines.

He decided to go with me this year. That worked out for me because I loved being with him (especially after he so recently moved out!). I appreciated the opportunity to show him California, walk him through sketchy neighborhoods ("Dad, I really don't feel safe right here!"), and watch him learn how to hail a taxi. He got better at it than I did.

It also helped that he was my wingman/photographer for the scantily-clad superheroine hunt. Last year I had to try to find perfect strangers that would take my picture with those girls, and that person had to be someone I could outrun in case they took off with my camera!

Shiloh did great (I'll post those pictures soon) and had a blast watching me work the shoots. I think I continue to surprise him in some areas where he thought he knew me.

Of course, not everything was exciting. Some mornings he had to wait around.

He learned how to pimp books at Harlequin and amassed a huge button collection before the con was over. Nicole and Alicia from Harlequin were surprised, I think, at how easily he fit in and how hard he worked the booth.

We all went to dinner later and he got to meet the whole crew.

These two were directly across from the Harlequin booth and we had a blast with them. The dark-haired one runs an adult toy story and insisted on trying to embarrass Shiloh. That worked the first day, but he worked at UPS for a while and actually handled shipments that contained a lot of those toys, so he proved more savvy than she expected!

But there were still times of waiting. At least there wasn't a line in the morning at the hotel!

I think he had a good time. He tells me he had a good time and wants to go to New York with me next year for Book Expo.

And how could he not have a good time?

Harlequin took him out to eat where he could get a really cool hat!

He got to meet a movie star -- Richard Dreyfuss!

And I helped him meet his one true love -- one of the L A reporters covering the convention.

I had a great time watching him turn green on the airplane (he doesn't like flying!) and seeing how he handled himself in adult company.

Shiloh, just so you know, I'm proud of you. I had a great time. And I love you, buddy!

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