Monday, May 16, 2011

Fight Card Is Gearing Up

You say boxing is your game?  The struggle of man against man, dealing out punishment under the bright lights of the ring?

Well, fight fans, there's a new straight to ebook sensation that's coming at you this summer.  Written by Paul Bishop, Robert J. Randisi, Gary Phillips, and Mel Odom, Fight Cards offers 1950s boxing stories replete with action, adventure, criminals, and inside the ring battles.

The covers are done by Keith Birdsong.

All of our heroes grew up St. Vincent's Asylum for Boys in Chicago.  Under the guidance of Father Tim, himself a former boxer, the boys learned self-respect and the sweet science.  Now grown men, they're making their way through life in different occupations and different parts of the world.

Mickey Flynn is an ex-Korean War vet and merchant mariner who roves the world's ports.

Patrick Flynn is a member of the LAPD's Hat Squad and boxing instructor for a boy's outreach program.

Eddie O'Dell is a Brooklyn private eye and sometime sparring partner who takes on cases that specifically have to do with boxing because he considers that the "sweet science" saved his life.

For more information and to be part of the action, go here.

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