Monday, May 30, 2011


Recently I gave in to the dark side and picked up an iPad 2.  I work so much at the computer that I like to get away from the office (and from the need to get everything perfect) that I usually outline a book or writing project on yellow legal pads.  The problem is that I work on several projects at once (in various planning stages) and will sometimes lose track of the legal pads (primarily because I stray away from my desk and work everywhere -- outside, restaurants, in my car, etc.).

Keeping up with my handwritten thoughts has become problematic.  I'd been looking at the iPad since it came out.  I used to have an iPaq and enjoyed the freedom it presented quite a lot, but it didn't have the writing surface available that the iPad does (though it did offer handwriting recognition which was awesome!).

I didn't want to just type on the iPad because that wouldn't be far removed from working at the computer.  Thankfully, I found Notes Plus.

Note Plus allows me to write things out by hand.  I can think and dream and pace and work out characterization problems as well as plot problems on the "page."  With the ten-hour batter available on the iPad 2, I'm not tied to a wall outlet somewhere.  And the iPad isn't much heavier than a legal tablet.  I've gotten very comfortable with it.  And when I'm done with a project, I can immediately email a copy to myself at home.  Truly awesome technology and software.


Bill Crider said...

Okay, I'll give it a try. hard to go wrong for a couple of bucks.

Mel Odom said...

Gonna be interesting to see if you can read your own handwriting. It's a skill a lot of people have gotten away from.

CaptainVoid said...

The dark side? Of what? I think by now you've come to see that you've been living on the dark side with that neolithic PC.

And some of us write legibly already.