Sunday, May 29, 2011

Zombie Killer!

Took my 13 year old to the gun range for the first time yesterday.  I'd made arrangements to go with my buddy Michael.  Chandler found out we were going there (and out to lunch), so he got up, got dressed, and even brushed his hair.  I haven't seen him this excited about anything in a long time.

We went to Oklahoma City's H&H Gun Range, which is an awesome place to go.  I hadn't been in a while.

Turns out they have whole new target sheets to shoot at.  We had to shoot the zombies.  They were just way too cool.  I outfitted Chandler with a Ruger .22LR (he didn't want to shoot the 9mm stuff we were banging away with because he thought the recoil would be worse.  For those of you unfamiliar with weapons, a 9mm is cake to shoot) and he proved himself to be quite the marksman.  Kept dropping his elbow, though, just like in baseball (*sigh*) but we soon had that corrected.

Michael had a 9mm Baby Desert Eagle manufactured by Magnum Research.  The gun was really sweet to shoot and I'm seriously thinking of picking one up.  I like the high-capacity of my Taurus T-99 (15 in the magazine versus 10 for the Baby Eagle), but the balance on this pistol and the recoil is awesome.  It was a pleasure to shoot and dead-on for accuracy.

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CaptainVoid said...

The stock clip holds 12 + one in the chamber. At least mine does.