Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hawaii Five-O Season Ender

I've been enjoying Hawaii Five-0 this season, and I wasn't sure was going to.  There's nothing deep in the series, but it is solid action entertainment.  I enjoy the look of the islands, the characters, and the rapid pace of the stories.

Scott Caan has become one of my favorite actors with his portrayal of Danny.  The relationship he has with his little girl is spot on and I like that a lot as well.  I don't know what's going to happen between him and his ex-wife, but I suppose that's part of the cliffhanger.

I just found that the show that renewed today.  Of course, if it hadn't, the cliffhanger would have truly sucked.  I'm not very happy with it as it is.  On one hand, you know they're going to bring the team back together next season.  On the other hand, it's ridiculous to wait all summer.

There were some neat twists and turns in the last show the season, and some of them I didn't see coming.  The soap opera aspect of the show really kicked in.  I kind of like the running plot threads, but now we're just stumbling over them.

One of the main features that brought me to the show was Grace Park.  She starred in Battlestar Galactica and did a really good job there.  In this show, she gets a lot of on the beach shots as well as action sequences.  However, I still feel the character is being underutilized.  I'd like to see more of her character development, but I don't really know what they want to do with her because she's more of a foil for Chin Ho Kelly.  I hope that changes.

But Grace isn't the only thing on the show that has curves.  Chevrolet's new Camaro has a permanent guest starring role.

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