Sunday, May 15, 2011


My buddy James Reasoner has just released one of his older books on Amazon Kindle.  I love the conceit behind this one and picked it up.  I missed it the first time it went around.

If you missed it too, if you like World War I stories and Old West outlaws, here's a great mashup.

By 1917 the Wild West was coming to an end. When the law caught up to them, the bank-robbing Tacker Gang had a choice: go to prison or join the army and go to Europe to fight the Boche.
They choose war. But it was a war they would fight Old West outlaw style . . .

An exciting historical novel nominated for a Spur Award by the Western Writers of America.
James Reasoner is a bestselling historical novelist who is also known for the cult classic crime novels TEXAS WIND, DUST DEVILS, and DIAMONDBACK, all available for the Kindle.

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