Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kasey Lansdale: Talented and Beautiful and...TechnoDork?

I've known Joe Lansdale for 20 years.  Kasey, his daughter, is 25.  So if you do the math, you'll know that I've gotten to see her growing up -- piecemeal.  Just conventions and occasional meetings.  It's what writers have to do with real life.

Now she's a songwriter and singer/performer working on her third album.  You can catch up with a very informed article about her here.

I ran into Kasey a couple weeks ago at the World Horror Con in Austin.  As I figured, she was in the huckster room (dealer's room to you young people) hawking her daddy's books (she gets a percentage and Kasey is not one to leave a dollar lying on the table).

That night at dinner, she revealed herself as a true TechnoDork.  I'm just learning internet marketing to really push my books.  Kasey up on all things Tweet and Chimpmail.  She gave me a lesson in dorkdom, and I couldn't help but marvel at this young woman.  I think you will too.

Go read about her.  Give her albums a listen.  And if you get the chance, meet Kasey because your life will be changed.  You'll probably also walk away with some of her daddy's books (because she's just that good).  :)

PS--Kasey's looking for a few more Tweeps.  Help her out!

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