Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Give A Kid A Fork

My wife and I went to eat Sunday at the end of Spring Break.  We'd had good weather, then got slammed with a snowstorm.  Oklahoma is having interesting weather this year.

Anyway, we're sitting at the table and next to us are two young couples and one baby that was less than two years old.  The parents were very involved with talking to the other couple, who had no children with them.

They'd also given the baby a fork to play with.  He kept poking himself in the forehead with it.  Sherry and I sat mortified, waiting for the horrible to happen and knowing we couldn't say anything to the parents in the crowded restaurant without something being said.

Finally, the mother took the fork away from the little boy, and she remarked that he must be sleepy because he was rubbing his eyes.  It still amazes me how children manage to grow up at times.

Maybe I was the overprotective parent, and still am, but I'll proudly bear that cross.

Beats raising a pirate that needs TWO eye patches.

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