Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Husband's Responsibility Never Ends

I love my wife.  Anyone that knows me, knows that.  But, despite our marriage and mutual understanding, she sometimes ends up acting just like a woman.

Saturday morning I got up and found her in a bad mood.  So, after years of experience, I stepped lightly, thinking it was my fault.  I'd stayed up late and gotten up late as well.  She'd had a hard week.  And maybe I'd been busy enough that I'd missed something.

I don't miss anniversaries.  She'll forget them before I do.

At any rate, I thought maybe she was feeling trapped by the house.  So I offered to take her and Chandler to a movie.  As we got ready, the truth came out.

Sherry had had a particularly upsetting dream.  She'd had a stroke at school.  She couldn't speak, could barely breathe, and I hadn't acted like I cared enough during the dream.  I'd acted like it was no big deal.  In layman's terms, I'd acted like a jerk.

Now mind you, this was all a dream.  I was in no way a real participant of the events.

However, that morning I was being held accountable for my dream-self's insensitivity.

Interesting, isn't it?

After the movie, I took her out to eat, apologized for my selfish ways, and everything was fine.  As it turns out, she was really aggravated because I didn't seem sympathetic enough to her telling me about her dream.

Of course, when I tell her about my dreams where I get superpowers, she's not suitably impressed either.  Kind of a bummer.

I maintain that there are few real differences between women and men, but -- wow -- the ones that are there are doozies!

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