Thursday, March 25, 2010


I don't know where I stand on the Health bill at the moment.  Both sides have good arguments.  I listen to good arguments.

But one of the linchpins for disregarding the House's signing of the Bill is going to be over the fact that Viagra might be given to sex offenders?

I couldn't believe that this morning.  I mean, getting Viagra should be the last thing a convicted sex offender would want.  They already have urges they can't control.  This would only make it worse for them.

And it would be a self-correcting process.  Sex offenders can be repeat offenders anyway, and they'll go to prison.  So if Viagra works, they'll go to prison sooner.  Maybe treat a sex offender with a Viagra prescription as a robber using a weapon instead of just brute force?

Not only that, but studies have shown that Viagra only works with people that have PHYSICAL problems, not mental ones.  Viagra is not going to help the performance of anyone who's got some kind of mental abberation going on.

This argument is thinner than smoke, and it got a Bill rejected?

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