Saturday, June 11, 2011

Batman & Robin Reboot

Okay, the cover looks cool and they've obviously given Robin a new cape that looks like Red Robin's cape.  I'm down with that.  However, the relationship Damien had with Dick Grayson was on a whole different level than he's going to have with Bruce Wayne as Batman.  I can't see Batman being Damien's father, though that's what he is.  Unless they're retconning Damien into some other poor street orphan or ward.

I'm seriously going to miss the Dick and Damien moments, and Alfred's speeches to Dick about how to handle Damien.  I think they missed they mark by changing that.

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comicretard said...

I'm sad and upset to see Dick and Damien step down. I just read issue 26 yesterday, and when I saw that it was the last, aw, I knew it would come eventually. So who is the new Robin?