Monday, June 13, 2011

Ruse by Mark Waid

I really enjoyed this series when it first came out from CrossGen all those years ago.  Simon Archard is a Sherlock Holmes pastich, but Mark Waid writes the books so smartly that the pages almost turn themselves.  The characters are rich and deep, and the mysteries he presents are well done.

Just as in Doyle's work, though, the narrator wins me over.  I love Emma Bishop.  She real and tangible, and she makes herself known on every page.  I think one of the major draws to the series is that the reader sees what Emma does, how brave and resourceful she is, and Archard doesn't pay attention.

I was surprised by Marvel's decision to bring back CrossGen characters.  I hope it works.

The final issue of Ruse should be out soon.  I'm waiting for the graphic novel.

The cover of the first issue of the original series was eye-catching.

You can still pick up the beginning of the original series in the Traveler Digest sized edition on the cheap.  It's a great start.  I don't know if the whole series is still available somewhere.

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