Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Doc Savage Is Coming Back in July!

I miss the old Bantam Doc Savage trade dress (the way the Doc Savage logo looked), but Joe DeVito's cover is awesome as always.  My one quibble is that Doc made it a practice never to use a gun.  Will Murray is again handling the writing.

Info here.

Hat tip to Paul Bishop.


Radovoice said...

As a fan of Doc Savage, you'll also be interested to hear that all of Will Murray's earlier Doc Savage novels are now being released as audiobooks by RadioArchives.com.

battlinjack said...

I can't wait! I have always loved the Doc Savage stories and have read everything up to date. Unfortunately, I only have a couple omnibus now. I used to own most of the collection but made the mistake of loaning them out. I never learn...