Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Giveaway

I've been given three (3) copies of Meredith Fletcher's new book to give away to reviewers who visit my site.  Simply contact me and let me know where you'll be posting your review.

Meredith Fletcher is also offering copies.  You can contact her here.

About the book:

The Warrior

A soldier by profession, a lone wolf by choice, Callan Storm doesn't believe in coincidence. So when the groom—his baby sister's fiance—is snatchec at gunpoint he looks to the one other unexpected element at the bachelor party: the entertainment.

The Dancer

Suddenly Eryn McAdams's favor for a friend has landed her in real trouble. Pulled along by the strong, silent, intense hunk of a man, the security expert is torn between showing Callan just what she can do— and figuring out a way just to stay close.

The Team?

The clock is counting down, the bullets are flying, and secrets are being uncovered—but what else will happen once the night is over?

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