Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dell Monster Comics

Finally figured out the pink and purple vampire.  It was Dracula himself, resurrected as a superhero.

He had a girl sidekick and they both wore their underwear on the outside.


Then we had the new Frankenstein.

And the Werewolf too!

Don't know how the whole underwater thing worked out, but I bet he smelled like wet dog.

I can remember the Dracula and Frankenstein books.  I wasn't very wowed even as a kid.


Scott Cupp said...

Mel - I had several of these as a kid when they were published and they were awful. Bad idea, nad story, bad art. I have not reread them in more than 40 years but
I do not think my opinion would change,

Mel Odom said...

Yeah, I had the first one of Dracula and of Frankenstein. They were both bad. Saw no hide nor hair of Werewolf.