Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dray Prescot

Sat down and re-read one of my favorite books from when I was a teenager.  It's been nearly 40 years since I read this book.  I'm getting old.

The story was as I remembered, but the narrative was weaker.  I've learned a lot as a writer.  Far too much telling for today's readers, but there's a sense of pace and grandeur that is hard to achieve these days.

I loved these old interplanetary romances, where an Earthman went to another world and found "the most beautiful woman of two worlds."  These books were as much romance as they were action, which speaks a lot -- I suppose -- for how I view life and relationships.  I'm still a romantic at heart.  And you can blame it on otherworldly, scantily clad women who were a clarion call to impossible adventures.

Thankfully, the Dray Prescot books are available again on ebook.  I've got all that have been published, many of them that I didn't get a chance to read.  I'm enjoying this peek back at my formative years.

Many of you may remember this original cover.  The early years of DAW Books.

And an alternative take.  Love this stuff.

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