Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Cape Premiere

I like heroes.  I especially like heroes with cool costumes and cool powers.  Chandler and I watched the season premiere of The Cape and had a good time.  We weren't blown away because the story was predictable, but it followed story logic in an endearing way.  Also, the scene pacing was frenetic.  We were catapulted from the frying pan into the fire within minutes, and the bad things just kept coming.

Chandler likes the cape fighting style, which I have to admit is pretty cool.  Personally, I enjoy watching Keith David chewing up the scenery as Max Merlini.  The carnival background is pretty neat and is a hoot.

Saying the series is over the top is a big understatement.  It's pure comic book with angst and drang.  But it's a lot of fun, too.  We're going to keep watching and rooting for the good guy.

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