Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I took a break last night to go see THE GREEN HORNET.  Within ten minutes, I checked my brain and my taste for nostalgia.  Seth Rogen's version of the radio/pulp hero was pretty offensive to a purist, but probably okay for the twenty-something beer crowd unfamiliar with the radio and television show.  My 13 year old liked it for the most part, and I thought the car was way cool.  However, I was really disappointed.  In a time when superhero movies are getting really cool, this happens.  TRUE GRIT came on like gangbusters and THE GREEN HORNET seems to be floundering.

In the meantime, I saw a trailer for what is either going to be one of the coolest movies this year or one of the biggest duds.  I saw the 3-D cardboard cutout in the theater lobby and was blown away.  Then the trailer sealed the deal.  On March 25, I'm there.

It's got lumbering mechs with assault weapons.  Girls with guns.

I mean, how cool does this look?

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