Sunday, January 16, 2011

L. A. Noire Coming in Spring 2011

Although saving the world as a DC superhero is intensely interesting to me (as soon as I get to devote myself to that!), another game has hit my radar and I'm really looking forward to it.

This one is from Rockstar Games, known for their immersive atmospheres and big storytelling.  It's set in 1940s L. A. and my little pulp heart is just beside itself waiting to get a heater in my hand and start rattling doorknobs to chase down the bad guys.

The game looks like it offers a cinematic buffet of styles and angles, from black and white to full color.

There's a lot of attention to detail and I've read that the modeling efforts (character as well as environment) were intensive.  It shows.

This game is supposed to blur the line between movies and games, until the experience of playing/viewing reaches a whole new level.  From the looks of things, the potential is definitely there.

I love the attention to detail.  Look at how the shadows fall across the ground in this scene.

There's gonna be a lot of violent action in this one, folks, and you even have to tell the website that you're of age to view adult material.

I love the oppressive feel of the shadows and the alleys.  In the end, you're gonna be up against some really bad people, and only your skills will keep you alive.

I can't wait.

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