Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fight Card

I met Paul Bishop through the internet and similar interests.  That seems to happen a lot these days.  Paul is a kindred spirit in the world of storytelling.  We happen to be about the same age and grew up on the same kinds of fiction and heroes.

After thirty-four years with the LAPD, Paul is currently heading up the Mission Division Special Assaults Unit, focusing on sex crimes, which is a tough beat.  He's twice been named Detective of the Year.  He's one of the good guys.

After a few emails and a phone call, we came up with FIGHT CARD, an idea for some ebook-based properties dealing with 1950s boxing stories.  You can get more information here, and watch as we develop the backstory and the characters, if you like, at this site.

As for the cover above, I found it on Paul's other block, Knuckles and Gloves, and fell in love with it.  Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark!

We're hoping to have our first story out by summer.  It'll be under the name Jack Tunney and will be up on Kindle and Nook.

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