Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fairly Legal

The cute star caught my eye and I plugged the series info into the DVR.  I liked the way she winked, and I liked the conceit of the series -- a mediator working on bringing legal battles to an amicable close.

I watched my first episode tonight and enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, it was the second show because something malfunctioned with the DVR last week.  I enjoyed the episode a lot and found it quite touching, but I'd already figured out how it was going to end because my mind is still locked into creative mode with deadlines looming.

Also, I'm still uncertain if this is a drama or comedy or romance or family oriented.  Too many irons in the fire, I think.

There's also supposed to be a big romance between our heroine and the D. A.  For me, the chemistry isn't there.  I also think the guy is dumber than a box of rocks and too inflexible.  Got no points from me, though the actor has been good in other things I've seen.

The cliffhanger at the end of the scene is kind of cheesey, but I'm coming back next week to see what's going to happen.

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