Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Glades Returns Tonight

If you haven't had the chance to go sleuthing with Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) on A&E, you're really missing out.  Longworth is a quirky character, a transplanted Chicago cop who landed smackdab in the middle of the Florida Everglades in his second life.

Jim expected an easy posting, lots of time to spend working on his golf game while stationed in Broward County.  Instead, he's getting a lot of murder investigations.  Although Jim wears a gun, he doesn't use it much.  He settles for that rapier wit of his, and that keen, incisive mind that can figure out even the most tangled skeins of crime.

He's got buddies that help him out with the errata surrounding the cases.  There's Dr. Carlos Sanchez (Felix Gomez), the medical examiner who gets competitive trying to disprove Jim's theories.  There's Callie Cargill (Kiele Sanchez), the romantic interest who tends to get involved on some level, as well as her son Jeff (Uriah Shelton).  Daniel Green (Jordan Wall) is the young, geeky lab assistant who thinks everything Jim thinks is ultra-cool and can't wait to dig in -- usually into something nasty and putrified.  And there's Coleen Manus (Michele Hurd), Jim's boss who wants to keep him focused and on the straight and narrow.

My wife and I enjoy the shows because they're light mysteries for the most part, and the characters are a hoot to watch in action.  Also, the mysteries are done well enough that we get to figure out whodunit!

Jim's character reminds me a lot of James Garner's Jim Rockford, only in Florida.  I'm looking forward to the start of the second season tonight and hope the series continues.

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