Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I'm All Outta Gum!

This may disappoint some fans, but I'm a Duke Nukem fan from way back.  The game is violent and politically incorrect, but I love it.  There's nothing like a maelstrom of gunplay and big explosions to take away the cares of the day -- as long as they're confined to a game system.  The games also had some of the most offensive voiceover work ever done.  Nobody's as egotistical as the Duke.

This game has been in development so long it's ridiculous.  That slow lag also inspired a couple lawsuits, put a longtime video developing company out of business (3DRealms -- one of the best back in the heydey), and caused nearly a generation to grow up without the Duke.  My 13 year old has never played a Duke Nukem game.

But he's coming back at you next week, people.  And you better be ready.

Hail to the king!

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