Friday, June 03, 2011

More News About the Changing DC Universe

There's more news on the newly revamped DC Universe that's coming.  Since the books don't come out until September, it's gonna be a suspenseful ComicCon in San Diego this year.  Gonna be interesting to see if all the writers and artists can talk about the shakeup.

I'm really interested to see how all of this is going to integrate, but I have seen some interesting titles that have been listed in the Flashpoint crossover that's currently going on.

Dick Grayson, the Batman currently carrying the Batman and Robin title, has been an intriguing surprise.  I'd hate to see him go.

But the comic titled Deadman and the Flying Graysons has definitely got my attention.  Longtime DC fans like me can see why.

In Flashpoint, Bruce Wayne died in Crime Alley and his father Thomas Wayne is now Batman.  So who's the guy in the old Nightwing costume?  And is Boston Brand still Deadman, a ghost doomed to haunt the living to solve crimes and seek redemption?

And what's going to happen to the Legion of Super-Heroes?  AGAIN?


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