Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Superman and Lois Lane Marriage Over?

This revamp of the DC Universe is starting to get on my nerves.  This is beginning to echo Marvel Comics' decision to split up Spider-Man and MaryJane.  I lost all interest in Spider-Man at that point.  I was frustrated before when Spidey and MJ got married, then she went missing -- presumed dead -- for a year.

Lots of speculation that when the reboot occurs Superman and Lois will no longer be married.  I've waited years for them to be together, and I like the way they handle things as a couple.  I don't think every wheel has to be reinvented.

Does that mean we're getting Dick Grayson back as Robin?  He's been a fantastic Batman.

You can read the story here.  I'm gonna go kick something.

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Mike said...

I lost faith in DC long before news of the revamp broke... right about the time the whole "Batman: RIP" thing happened. The revamp isn't exactly helping things.